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The NSSA Achievement Award is designed to acknowledge exceptional performance and/or significant contributions by an individual or partnership, past and present. Open to all NSSA Members and employees of a NSSA member company or business, who have demonstrated excellence in their business, career, field or passion.

We invite members to nominate an NSSA Member who has made a significant contribution or positive impact to the security screen industry - the quiet achiever, vocal advocate, business owner, partnership, or employee among us who you think should be recognised and celebrated for their contribution, influence, or exceptional performance.


Nomination Criteria

An individual or partnership who has demonstrated excellence in their career, field or passion;           

  • Made a worthy contribution to the security screen industry
  • Leadership, industry influence or positive impact on the security screen industry
  • Exceptional performance / achievement of excellence
  • Innovation
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"The NSSA Achievement Award aims to acknowledge and recognise the contributions

of individuals to the security screen industry across Australia, past and present".



2022 Award Winner

Michael Henry

Prowler Proof

Michael Henry was chosen as the NSSA Achievement Award winner 2022 for his outstanding leadership and significant contribution to the National Security Screen Association.  His commitment and passion for the betterment of the security screen industry is evident in all that he has achieved for the NSSA and our industry as a whole.

Congratulations Michael Henry.





2021 Award Winners

Jamie & George Koutsoukos

ClearShield Australia

"George and Jamie Koutsoukos were selected as worthy winners for their dedication and continued innovation at ClearShield Australia, admirably following in their family’s security heritage in Western Australia.

They have pioneered the acceptance of high-performing perforated Security Screens into the Australian marketplace and continue to innovate and challenge the status quo when it comes to safety and security. It is worth mentioning the personal relationships they have formed with staff, customers and industry over such a long tenure."

The NSSA Achievement Award Committee.

2021 Achievement Award Winners
Jamie & George Koutsoukos - ClearShield Australia
Awarded: NSSA AGM, 21st October 2021 - Brisbane

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2019 Life Time Achievement Award Winner

Steve Brabeck


In 2019, the NSSA honoured the life time achievements of the late Steve Brabeck, co-founder of Crimsafe, with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Presenting the Award at AusFenEx19 - 29th August, Jack Ryan - NSSA Vice Chair and Derek Tidey - COO Crimsafe, presented the award to Matthew and Ben Brabeck, sons of Steve Brabeck, who gave a touching tribute to their father.

The NSSA would like to congratulate the Brabeck family on a well deserved Life Time Achievement Award.

2019 NSSA Life Time Achievement Award Winner
Steve Brabeck -  Crimsafe

Awarded: AusFenEx19, 29th August 2019 - Sydney



2018 Achievement Award Winner

AchievementAward18Jasna Kupres 

Aluminium Security Industries (ASI)

In 2018, the NSSA launched the NSSA Achievement Award, and were pleased to announce winner - Jasna Kupres, Owner/Director of Aluminium Security(ASI) Industries  - South Australia, at Fenestration Australia 2018.

Jasna, a worthy recipient of the inaugural Achievement Award, had overcome incredible obstacles to not only keep ASI afloat, but to turn it into a thriving and successful business.  Jasna's true grit and passion for her business, the industry and the NSSA, made her a clear winner.

Congratulations Jasna.

2018 Inaugural NSSA Achievement Award Winner 
Jasna Kupres - Aluminium Security Industries (ASI) 
Awarded: Fenestration Australia 2018 - Port Douglas