The NSSA Board of Directors

The NSSA is a member driven association, governed by an independent Board of Directors providing a diverse representation of our industry, including small and medium business owners, large distribution/suppliers, manufacturing and independent members from around the country.

The role of the Board is to provide leadership, strategic guidance, and oversight of management for the NSSA. The Board derives its authority to act for the NSSA from the Corporations Act and the NSSA's Constitution. The Board must ensure the NSSA’s activities comply with the NSSA Constitution and with it's legal and regulatory requirements.

Our purpose is to drive best practice through compliance, advocacy to government bodies, provide and facilitate technical capability and knowledge and actively work towards the betterment of the security screen industry.


NSSA Core Objectives

The NSSA aims to support its members and the security screen industry in meeting key objectives over the next three years. Identifying the NSSA core objectives is the result of extensive collaboration and development led by the associations Board of Directors with leading industry suppliers, NSSA Committee Members, NSSA Industry Partners and Members. 




The NSSA is a company Limited by Guarantee. Our Association is run by our members for our members.  All members can contribute and influence the direction of the association by nominating themselves for the Board of Directors.  Board Members are passionate members of our association, who whish to participate in a meaningful way.  Our Board Members contribute by attending Board Meetings, acting independently and taking an active role in projects via the Management, Marketing or Technical Committees.


Primary Functions of The Board

  • Providing accountability to stakeholders.

  • Approving company strategy.

  • Developing NSSA policy positions.

  • Supporting the operations and management of the association.


Industry Advocacy

Advocacy is the overarching purpose of the association. The NSSA works within three pillars

  • Management

  • Technical

  • Marketing