NSSA Membership makes a statement about your business to the industry and consumers. Eligibility requirements for NSSA Membership vary slightly depending on your selected category of membership. 

Membership categories are based on the services provided by a company. The NSSA has 6 categories of Membership.




Membership Fees

The annual membership period follows the financial year: 1 July to 30 June. 

  • Installer/Sales Membership - $660 (GST inclusive)

  • Manufacturer/Supplier Membership - $780 (GST inclusive)

You can apply for membership at any time. In this case, a pro-rata fee will be charged for the period to the end of the financial year.



Requirements for Sales & Installation Members:

Licensing requirements (applicable in some states) for the security screen industry differ in each state and territory and are divided into two categories;

  • Security Licensing

  • Building Licences

If your State or Territory requires licensing to sell, advertise, provide or install security screens, you will be requested to provide your licence number on your membership application.  


Don't have a licence?
You are welcome to submit a membership application, the NSSA will work with you and help guide you on attaining the required licence for your state or territory.



Requirements for Manufacturing Members:


Test Reports - AS 5041 - Methods of Test-Security Screen doors and Window Grilles    

NSSA Members are required to have a comprehensive Test Report provided by a NATA accredited laboratory for ALL security screening products you manufacture/sell.

The Test Report verifies that a tested and passed screen has met the requirements of the Australian Standard and can therefore be classified, advertised and sold as a security screen.

For Test Reports, please contact your system supplier directly.  Your Test Reports form part of the NSSA Compliance Audit and will be sited at your Audit. 


 Technical Manuals - For Compliant Manufacture

To ensure all security screen products are manufactured and comply to the Australian Standard AS 5039, the technical manual or work procedure documentation is simply the manufacturing or fabrication instructions used by staff.  This can be your own work procedure/instruction manual or from a system supplier. 



Your company:

  • Sells and/or installs products that meet AS 5039 and AS 5040.



Your company:

  • Sells, manufactures & installs products that meet AS 5039 & AS 5040.

  • Do so in your own facilities or under your direct control.



Your company:

  • Manufactures products that meet AS 5039 & AS 5040.

  • Do so in your own facilities or under your direct control.



Your company:

  • Owns and/or promotes products that meet AS5039 & AS 5040.



Your company:

  • Supplies components/materials or services used in the selling, manufacture, installation or testing of products that meet either AS 5039 or AS 5041.



Your company: 

  • Provides recognition and reward to industry leading businesses and are willing to invest back into the industry through the NSSA. Candidates are likely to be, although not limited to, larger manufacturing and wholesale or security screen based service business. 


Please contact if you have any questions or you are unsure which membership category to apply for. 

All membership applications must meet the eligibility standards approved by the NSSA Board of Directors.