The NSSA is committed to supporting our members and industry by holding member events that allow our members and industry experts to come together to discuss issues affecting the security screen industry, such as regulations, standards, testing and training, as well as events to celebrate member achievements and successes. 

NSSA events provide networking opportunities and insights into local and national practices.  These events include NSSA ScreeneX - NSSA National Conference and Exhibition, State Forums,Training, online networking and information sharing opportunities. 

NSSA training programs are developed by in the NSSA and industry experts, and are specifically designed to meet the needs of industry and educate members on matters relating to the security screen industry and wider industry.



2024 will See the launch of NSSA ScreeneX 2024, held at the Sea World Resort and Conference Centre, which will conclude with the NSSA National Awards 2024. 





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NSSA ScreeneX Delegate Prospectus            NSSA National Awards 2024