The Technical Committee is committed to developing and implementing initiatives that ensure best practice through compliance, product conformity, education and training. 

The NSSA advocates on behalf of members to government bodies and key stakeholders in the industry in relation to compliance, regulations, safety, manufacturing and accreditation issues.

The Technical Committee supports NSSA members through the development of technical and industry information by providing members with  key messages, video guides, industry announcements and training.

The Technical Committee is divided into three sub committees with a focus on the following Core Functions:

  • Australian Standards Review

  • National Construction Code

  • Technical Information and guides for Members

  • Industry Compliance

The Technical Committee is overseen by NSSA Board Directors and additional representatives from the NSSA Industry Partner Companies:

The Technical Committee is supported by contributing NSSA members from varied backgrounds within our industry with representatives from system and hardware suppliers along with small, medium and large businesses from all over Australia.

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Technical Committee for Members: